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E-learning platform

Start in the Hospitality & Catering Industry offers free e-learning for jobseekers in the hospitality and catering industry to ensure that all jobseekers start the job application process with a strong foundation. For the employer, this is a greater guarantee of suitable and qualified staff. Whether you want to become a waiter, or a kitchen or bar assistant, we help to prepare you. Are you ready to go to work? Then start with our e-learning!

E-learning and training for the hospitality and catering industry

The Start in the Hospitality & Catering Industry e-learning has been developed in cooperation with SVH and Horeca Nederland. Furthermore, we collaborate with various colleges and universities to offer more students a suitable part-time job. When you register with Start in the Hospitality & Catering Industry, you get free access to our training courses for the hotel and hospitality and catering industry. You then take a free basic exam and obtain an official certificate. Coaching on the job is no longer necessary. The online courses consist of three parts of twenty minutes in total, which you can complete at your own pace. Choose from: the HACCP course, basic service assistant and basic kitchen assistant.

This course is all about hygiene, cleanliness and preventing infections. How do you handle food hygienically and carefully and keep everything free from bacteria? This course is a strong foundation and a must for any job in the hospitality and catering industry. Unlike the other courses, this one consists of 100 questions.

Basic service assistant
In this course, you get - as the name says - all the basic knowledge you need as a basic service assistant. You will learn about beverages, how to serve them, and other tools to transform yourself into a great employee.

Basic kitchen assistant: This course provides you with all the basic knowledge you need for the kitchen. This includes correct cutting techniques, safety, different cooking techniques and hygiene rules in the kitchen.

Official certificate

At the end of each online course, you will receive an appropriate certificate on the basis of a final test. These certificates show that you have the right basic knowledge for the desired position. We recommend that you combine the HACCP course with one of the other courses. This will help you gain extra points with your future employer and you can go straight to work!

A diploma often consists of four certificates. Once you have obtained two certificates within Start in the Hospitality & Catering Industry, you have already obtained half of your diploma. Are you interested in training within the hospitality and catering industry? Then have a look at SVH for a follow-up course that matches your position. The Start in the Hospitality & Catering Industry courses are practical (senior secondary vocational education) and therefore easy to combine with your current part-time job or studies.

Our e-learning is custom made by the SVH.

Do you want to start our e-learning and then respond to suitable vacancies?

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